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Lexington, KY

Anekdota Studio is a photography studio in Lexington, KY owned by Kathleen Burke and Katherine Hoskins. We specialize in weddings, portraits, and events.


Happy New Year!

Anekdota Studio

I'm usually a big fan of celebrating New Year's Eve by trying to pop in to as many parties as possible. Then, spending the first of the year hosting a brunch party of my own. But this year was different.

I spent New Year's Eve reflecting on 2016, mentally recounting each month. I took time to think about my hopes and goals for 2017, and then spent the first of the year doing what I do best—photographing a wedding. Capturing the moments of incredible couple as they public proclaimed their love, uniting in marriage, was perhaps the best way I could have started this year. It has set the tone for what I hope will be an incredible year for me and my photography company. 

Here are a few of the goals I have for 2017, some personal, and some professional:

1. Throw more parties
2. Journal at least 3 times a week
3. Create a strategic plan for Anekdota Studio
4. Find new strategies to remember people's names
5. Get clients their photos faster
6. Practice being more generous
7. Become an expert in off-camera flash
8. Learn how to cook with umami paste
9. Create a new budget and stick to it
10. Travel internationally

 I hope that your New Year is off to a great start as well and that you may have many hopes and goals fulfilled in the year ahead. Happy New Year and Hello to 2017!